The Spaces In Between

by Mazes and Monsters

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We started last November 2010 to record a full length album, almost a year later we have finished what we hope is a great album that you will be happy to listen too.


released October 9, 2011

Through support and encouragement, there are so many people that we would love to say thanks to but do not have the space to list everyone’s name. Our music and album would never have
happened without you all being behind us. However, we do want to say a special thanks to our bandmate and audio engineer, Nick Duke, for recording this album. He spent many long-hour days pouring into what turned out to be one solid record. We would also like to thank our wives for their love, patience, and guidance. We would like to thank the Well Community Church for use of their space for practicing and recording, and we like to thank White Oak United Pentecostal Church for their space when recording the drums. This album would not be what it is without your help.
Thank you.

All drum tracks were recorded at White Oak United Pentecostal Church except Time Is Slow and Locked Away which were recorded at the Well Community Church. Vocals and other instruments were recorded at Static Attic Recording Studio by Nick Duke.

Artwork and album design: Kenneth Benson



all rights reserved


Mazes and Monsters Augusta, Georgia

Mazes and Monsters have been making music separately for a long time, but joined forces and wrote songs together in early 2010. Adding new members and adjusting their sound, they now boast 5 total seasoned musicians. Energy, passion for music and Tom Hankery burst from the stage for all audiences to hear; your inner-nerd will never be the same. This is a band to look out for in years to come. ... more

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Track Name: Spaces In Between
Beneath the stairs
Spaces in between
A brush of the arm
Taste of warmth
Hearts undone
As fast as we can go
As fast as we can go
Passing looks
Lingering shadows
Smell of sweets
Hidden retreats
Lovers embrace
As fast as we can go
As fast as we can go
Written notes
Youth unabashed
Love intact
Living in yesterdays
As fast as we can go
As fast as we can go
Track Name: Time Is Slow
Scattered memories
all lost in my head
Can there be an escape?
Can there be an escape?
Alive and screaming
All stuck in my bed
Am I too late?
Am I too late?
Time is slow
Time is so slow
Time is so slow
Time is so slow
Lost and alone
In this house of stone
How my heart is dying
How my heart is dying
Ghost and shadows
In this room all glowing
My life I am losing
My life I am losing
Track Name: From Our Grave
Let's take a walk
Through the forest green
Oh our ghosts starve for life
Plant a seed
See it fade away
Thoughts that linger into space
See how the mountains rise
From our grave
Why we die so soon?
Return to the past
Listening to echos in June
How our souls will be attune
Let’s go far away
Let’s go far
Track Name: Live and Breathe
Must I live completely true
Waiting for your answer to make do
Let it all come out
Wrapped in the very thought of you
Holding your hand and wanting to
Let it all come out
For the greatest gift of love
Searching so long thereof
Let it all come out
Meanings with no white lies
Heading towards my own demise
Let it all come out
I need to see you again
Need your touch, your presences
I will wait here and
live and breathe
Track Name: Locked Away
What can I say
I am dismayed
Such an easy way
In a lonely day
Can’t hide my heart
locked away
when it is you
Losing my wit
Hear my lament
Unwashed and sent
Never to meant
A blacken hole
Myself to toil
Empty and cold
Heavy on the soul
Track Name: Find Me If You Can
Find me if you can
Find me if you can
As a child, I lived in the shadows
no place to go
Look into my eyes
Hold my hand and breath
Night is almost over soon
Up before the bell rings
Track Name: Wake O' Sleeper
The light will shine down cast not a shadow
all fear will go all fear will go
life's smallest ambitions will begin to glow
hearts in a ruin road, hearts in a ruin road

Wake up, O sleeper, wake up
rise from the dead

how the dead will live all among the people
hidden in the dark, hidden in the dark
casting out imperfections a fallen world will go
must hold on to hope, must hold on to hope

With eyes closed faith grows stronger, wake up
Dreams mislead their author, wake up
Wake From Sleep and Listen, wake up
The time has come o sleeper, wake up
Track Name: Drown So Low
I have fallen into a pitt no where to go
Can't even see the sky, how I drown so low

Where does my help come from?

Come save me
Come save me
Come save me from myself